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The JAGFEST Pride & Joy event is intended to be for cars that are in more than occasional use.  To this end, the greater the use of the car the more points will be awarded.  If you use your car for over 300 miles per year (250 if you only have one MOT certificate), why not give it that extra clean and enter the competition.   

You will also be able to say that your car has been judged by Paul Skilleter, the renowned Jaguar historian and regular contributor to Jaguar Enthusiast and other Magazines. 

Below is the entry form which contains the conditions of entry.  Most of these requirements are to ensure that we have a fair and enjoyable competition.   

Would you please note the requirement to bring MOT certificates (see conditions of entry) from which we can determine the mileage.

Entry costs an additional £5.00

Click below to download a copy of the Pride & Joy application form.


Why not enter our Pride & Joy competition?