Promotional pictures taken at Hole Park on Saturday 19th January 2019 - Many thanks to all those who were able to attend.

Please click the image below to watch the Jagfest Promotional Video, taken on the same day.

Sharing The Passion

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Just a few of the cars that turned out for the photo shoot - Thank you to everyone who took part.

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We are looking for one of each of the following cars to take part in our parade on the Sunday.

The JAGFEST parade will run on the gravel/tarmac drive of Hole Park, passing across the frontage of the stately house with wonderful views across the Kent countryside

To qualify, your car must be one of those listed below and if selected, a charge of £10 would be required to take part. If you aren’t successful in your application, your cheque will be destroyed.

Click below to download a copy of the Parade Form.

Cars currently needed to complete the line up are:

C-Type-(replica accepted)

E-Type 12cyl


XJR (1980s Le mans TWR ‘style’ Racing car)




Project 7


SS/Jaguar pre-war saloon


MK 1

MK 10/420G


XJ6 Series 1/2/3



X-Type Estate

XF Sportbrake

XJ( current)